Theses List
No. Theses Titles Level Student Name Present Date
1    Evaluating the potential of carbon sequestration based on soil carbon content in low, medium and high input corn cropping systems with Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) approach    Ph.D    Khorramdel, Surur    
2    Effect of nutrient solution concentration and time of foliar application on growth of corm and leaves, and nutrient uptake in Saffron            0000-00-00
3    Investigating nitrogen use efficiency of organicl and inorganic fertilizers on qualitative and quantitative properties of corn and forage maiz            0000-00-00
4    Study of phosphorus availability by method of diffusive gradient in thin film (DGT) in some calcareous soil            0000-00-00
5    The effects of organic matter on reduction of cadmium toxicity on nodulation and nitrogen fixation Phaseolus vulgaris    M.Sc.    Iranpour, Mohsen    2010-10-05
6    Transport and uptak of phosphorus in maize and barley under drought stress    M.Sc.    ahmadi hekmati kar, neda    2010-10-18
7    Nitrogen and phosphorus nutrition in shoot and corm growth of saffron    M.Sc.    chaji, nasrin    2010-10-18
8    Molecular signal of genistein in common bean and soybean nodulation and N fixation under salt stress    M.Sc.    nikbin, fahimeh    2010-11-08
9    Uptake and use efficiency of iron in different wheat varieties    M.Sc.    rahemi karizaki, salimeh    2011-06-06
10    Effect of organic acids on increasing phosphorus availability in soil for wheat, maize and barley    M.Sc.    Dabestani Razavi, Sima    2011-06-06
11    Effect of Aspergillus on hydrolysis of phsphate organic compound    M.Sc.    javaheri, toktam    2011-06-06
12    Evaluation of iron nanoparticles for the remediation of a heavy metals-contaminated soil    M.Sc.    sabouri, fateme    2011-10-31
13    Effects of maternal corm weight and nutriment management on corm morphological characteristics of saffron (Crocus sativus L.)    Ph.D    Hassanzadeh Aval, Fatemeh    2011-12-18
14    Stabilization of Arsenic and Antimony in soils using manganese, iron and aluminum oxides, zeolite and surface modified adsorbents and micorrhizal aided phytostabilization    Ph.D    Bagherifam, Saeed    2012-02-02
15    Comparison of UBM, PBET and RBALP to determine lead bioaccessibility and effect of soil fractions on this index in calcareous and noncalcareous soils.    Ph.D    hafezdarbani, mohammad reza    2012-02-02
16    Effect of amendments of bentonite, perlite and zeolite, potassium fertilizer on physical and chemical properties of soil and lettuce plant    M.Sc.    amel, sh    2012-04-16
17    Evaluation the efficincy of differnet models to estimate nitrogen mineralization of some organic manures in defferent temprature and moisture conditions    M.Sc.    madromi, fathaleh    2012-04-16
18    Effect of biochar on nitrification cycling in soil and nitrogen uptake in corn    M.Sc.    javedani, sara    2012-05-14
19    The effect of TiO2 nanoparticles on zinc and cadmium stabilization in soil and influence of ionic strength and humic acid on it’s efficiency    Ph.D    aryabod, samaneh    2012-06-14
20    Syntesis and evaluation of organo-montmorillonite characterstics modified by magnetic nano particles and bacterial exopolysaccharide and their effects on soil enzym activities and microbial biomass    Ph.D    Abolhasani Zeraatkar, Mahboobeh    2012-06-14
21    Cow manure, chemical fertilizers and thier combined effects on chemical properties of soil, yield and yield components of cotton in Herat province of Afghanistan    M.Sc.    Rahmati, Qudratullah    2012-06-25
22    Study the relationship between soil quality indicators and economic yield of saffron in Ghaen area    M.Sc.    ranjbar, amir    2012-06-25
23    Influence of influx and efflux of nitrate on nitrate accumulation in lettuce and spinach    M.Sc.    gheshlaghi, zahra    2012-07-07
24    The study on the effects of flash light treatment and different concentrations of NO3 on quantitative and qualitative characteristics in lettuce (Lactuca sativa L. var. Great Lakes Mesa 659 )    M.Sc.    Mahaei, Massoumeh    2012-09-24
25    The effect of iron oxide nanoparticles on phosphorus fractions following wheat harvest in soil    M.Sc.    Raouf, Salman    2012-10-08
26    Possibility Estimation of Saffron Corm's Growth Charactristics from Soil Sample Properties Using MLR and MLP    M.Sc.    zarghani, fariba    2012-10-19
27    Effect Of humic acid and superabsorbent polymer on the growth and N, P and K uptake of maize under drought stress    M.Sc.    Rahmani asl, Maryam    2012-12-03
28    Effect of different methods of spraying foliar iron chelates on the qualitative and quantitative characteristics (Pistachio vera cv.Kalle Ghoochi)    M.Sc.    shirkhani, hadi    2012-12-04
29    Effects of nutrient management, wheat straw and irrigation interval on flower and corm yields of saffron (Crocus sativus L.) under Mashhad ecological environment    Ph.D    shahriary, roshanak    2013-01-13
30    Investigation on phytochemical, morphological, ecological and plant nutritional aspects of Colchicum kotschyi under cropping conditions    Ph.D    Azizi, Homa    2013-01-13
31    Compositional nutrients diagnosis and foliar application of calcium and zinc to cure boron toxicity in orange orchards in Kohgyloyeh and Boyrahmad province.    Ph.D    Chakerolhosseini, MohammadReza    2013-01-23
32    Isotherm and kinetic studies on adsorption of two heavy metals lead and cadmium in soil by titanium dioxide nanoparticles    Ph.D    Hosseinpour Buri Abadi, Azam    2013-01-23
33    The effects of organic fertilizers and mycorrhizae inoculation on growth characteristics, yield, yield components and seed essential oil content of dill (Anethum graveolens L.)    M.Sc.    zendebad, saide    2013-05-05
34    Investigating the factors affecting the different forms of potassium and aquaregia extractable potassium in Torbat-e Jam plain    M.Sc.    sahebdel, salehe    2013-06-17
35    Study of manganese and zinc interactions with phosphorus in potato    M.Sc.    khodavaisi, maryam    2013-06-17
36    The Interaction of Wheat Genotypes, Water Stress and Crop Residues on Nitrification Inhibition of DMPP by 15N and 13C Isotope Tracing Techniques    Ph.D    Mousavi Shalmani, Mir Ahmad    2013-06-18
37    Effect of mycorrhiza and pesodomycorrhiza on phosphorus uptake from rock phosphate by corn plant under drought stress    M.Sc.    yazdinejad, maryam    2013-07-08
38    Study of silicon effects on physical, mechanical and aerodynamic properties of culm and grain of local Tarom cultivar of rice    M.Sc.    omidi, hossein    2013-09-24
39    ٍEffect of different level of P on soil organic decomposition in rhizosphere of corn and wheat    M.Sc.    saadatifar, saeedeh    2013-10-21
40    Monometal and competitive adsorption of Cd, Pb and Zn by humic and fulvic acids in a calcareous soil    M.Sc.    ghasemi, ehsanallah    2013-11-18
41    The effect of potassium and sodium on clay dispersion,structural stability, mechanical resistance and some chemical soil properties    Ph.D    Farahani, Elham    2014-01-22
42    Chemical Behavior of Coated and Non Coated ZnO Nanoparticles in Tow Soils with different Amount of Organic Matter and Their Impact on Cucumber Biomass (Cucumis sativus L.)    Ph.D    moghadasi brojeni, sahar    2014-01-22
43    Investigation of some morphological and phytochemical traits of (cucurbita pepo )under different organic substrates and different levels of fertilization with GC and IR analysis method    Ph.D    Pajooheshgar, Reyhaneh    2014-01-22
44    Investigation soils evolution and effect of soil properties on growth and yield characteristics of pistachio in Bajestan playa margin    Ph.D    ghasemzadeh ganjehie, mohammad    2014-03-03
45    Mineralogy and potassium supplying power of tobacco cultivation soils of northern Iran    Ph.D    gholizadeh, abdolghafour    2014-03-03
46    Technical and economical evaluation us of magnetized water case study: (corn cultivation)    M.Sc.    Shekari, Mahdi    2014-04-15
47    effect of washing municipal compost, and adding sawdust and woodash to it on decrease some heavy metals and yield of wheat.    M.Sc.    sahebdelfar, neda    2014-04-21
48    Spatial distribution of weed patches in corn field with agronomical, mechanical and chemical managements: an approach to precision agriculture    Ph.D    arianmehr, maryam    2014-05-17
49    Kinetics and adsorption isotherm studies of K+ and NH4+ on zeolite and its effects on corn growth    Ph.D    eslami, mahboobe    2014-06-07
50    Effect of Humic acid, Organic fertilizers(Vermicompost,Cow manure) and chemical fertilizers containing Sulfure, Nitrogen and Phosphorus on Yeild, Nutrient uptake and Essential oil Content of Black Zira (Bunium persicum).    Ph.D    noori hosseini, sayyed mojtaba    2014-06-21
51    Investigation The effect of Iron ,Zinc Nano particles, Humic Acid and Vermicompost on Qualitative and Quantitave Characteristics of Tomato    Ph.D    javaheri, saeid    2014-06-23
52    : Effect of enriched municipal compost with blood and bone meal powder, rock phosphate and Aztobacter on spinach(Spinacia oleracea L.) and turnip(Brassica Napus ) plants    Ph.D    ahooey, javad    2014-06-23
53    Effect of Humic acid, Vermicompost and Phosphate and Zinc Fertilizers, on Improving The Quantitative and Qualitative Characteristics of Pomegranate    Ph.D    poozeshi, reza    2014-06-24
54    : Investigation of various quantitative and qualitative of vegetative pear rootstock to determine suitable rootstock with native cultivar in Mashhad basin area    Ph.D    Alizadeh zarmehry, Fariborz    2014-06-29
55    Study of some properties of biochars derived from different feedstock and their effects on organic carbon and it’s components and potassium availability in a calcareous soil.    Ph.D    forouhar, majid    2014-07-01
56    Investigation and comparison of the effects of foliar spray of different elements via nano-fertilizers, chemical fertilizers and humic acid on fruit quantity and quality of pomegranate (Punica granatum L. cv Ardestani).    Ph.D    Davarpanah, Sohrab    2014-09-30
57    Study the best practical vegetation and its effectiveness in outskirt of Mashhad to reduce soil erosion and increase water storage in the aquifers    M.Sc.    garmei, azam    2014-11-10
58    Effect Of Soil Amendments On Cadmium Uptake By Lavandula vera And Rosmarinus Officinalis Plants In a Calcareous Soil.    Ph.D    Noura, Alireza    2014-11-12
59    Study of physical, chemical, mineralogical and pedological characteristics of sand dunes in southern Neyshabour    M.Sc.    saberi, iman    2014-12-15
60    Effect of organic waste on the availability of phosphorus, micro-elements, physico-chemical properties of soil and crop yield    M.Sc.    nazari, eshagh    2014-12-29
61    Kinetics of Pb, Zn and Cd release from contaminated soil in the Rhizobox    Ph.D    Bahreini, Mahdi    2015-03-10
62    Wheat response to different rates of selenium under cadmium and salinity stress    Ph.D    Atarodi, Basir    2015-04-25
63    The effect of fire on soil physical properties and quality indices in different land uses (forest, grassland and agricultural)    M.Sc.    niknam, leyli    2015-09-14
64    The effect of silicon on phosphorus nutrition and tolerance of drought stress in wheat    M.Sc.    zandi, zohreh    2015-09-14
65    Effect of Cow Manure on Distribution of Chemical Forms of Cadmium in Soil in Corn Rhizosphere    M.Sc.    Lotfi, Faezeh    2015-09-14
66    The effect of carbonate mud on removal of heavy metals ( Ni2+, Zn2+) from soil after using compost leachate in maize cultivation    M.Sc.    motahari, farzaneh    2015-11-23
67    Effect amino acid types and temporary increase in electrical conductivity of nutrient solution on quantitative and qualitative characteristics two cultivar of strawberry in soilless culture system    Ph.D    Bidaki, Samira    2015-12-15
68    Effects Of Silicon On The Growth And Alleviate Cadmium Toxicity In Wheat    Ph.D    Bahrami, Elham    2015-12-26
69    The effect of fertilizer management on flower and daughter corms yields of saffron (Crocus sativus L.)    Ph.D    moradi, mohsen    2016-01-30
70    Effect of different seedbeds, inocullation of seed by arbuscular mycorrhiza and rhizobium and nitrogen fertilizer application on yield of chickpea    Ph.D    Malekian Maleki, Babak    2016-05-08
71    Study Compatibility mechanisms of Medicago to lime-induced chlorosis (iron deficiency) in Different levels of lime in soil    Ph.D    Gheshlaghi, Zahra    2016-06-11
72    The effect of zeolite, manure and vermicompost on growth and uptake of micronutrients in corn.    M.Sc.    taghdisi heydariyan, seyedeh zohreh    2016-08-08
73    : The Effect of Bentonit, Calcium chloride and Humic acid on Reducing the Sunburn, Cracking and Some Quantity and Quantitative Characteristics in Pomegranate Fruits    M.Sc.    khosravi, katayoun    2016-08-08
74    : Evaluation of the effect of Humic Acid extracted from sugarcane by-products(filter cake) on phosphorus uptake in sugarcane    Ph.D    behravan, hamidreza    2016-09-28
75    Application of lignin and nano-lignin renewable (green) hydrogels loaded by urea in order to nitrogen and water supplying for Triticum aestivum L. under the drought stress    Ph.D    Mazloom, Najmeh    2016-11-09
76    Effect of different nitrogen sources (Ammonium-Nitrate) on growth and some biochemical indicators in maize under drought stress    M.Sc.    esmaeli, masume    2016-12-26
77    Comparision gypsum and organic conditioners on strucurual properties and growth pproperies of pea in a saline sodic soil    M.Sc.    mousavi, azadeh sadat    2017-07-05
78    Sorption of Cd by nanoclay bentonite in the presence of humic acid in soil suspension    M.Sc.    shahedi, sara    2017-07-05